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Qualified and motivated right from the start. Our success is primarily due to our highly qualified employees.

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Employee Qualified and motivated, from the beginning.

Our highly qualified Employees are the main reason for our success. We only employ candidates with an excellent education, who have already proven a lot. For example, that they can think technically, analitically and conceptionally, and perform above average.

IPG educates talented newcomers in its own educational programs. Apart from theoretical knowledge the newcomers receive an intensive on the job training. From the beginning they solve actual client tasks and train conceptional thinking, problemsolving-, communication-, and team skills. 


Get on board at IPG

Ambitious informatikmittelschule students, graduates of universities and universities of applied sciences, IT specialists from all sectors, as well as IAM specialists are in the right place. People who want to take effect at IPG, and are prepared to perform extraordinarily, shape and develope our company further. Because showing initiative and quickly taking responsibility are a high priority for us. The results are more than 80 competent and engaged employees in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland on which you can count. 

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How can you become a technical consultant or IAM operator? What are the requirements for an IAM consultant? In the videos on whatchado, IPG employees report on their career and day-to-day work in the IAM business.


«Welcome to IPG - We cordially invite you to join us on a tour of our office premises at our headquarters in Winterthur.» Welcome
«Our sessions in bright, modern rooms inspire us to create new ideas and enjoy stimulating meetings.» Meeting
«Our workplaces in the spacious open space offer a place for everyone - with fantastic views over Winterthur included.» Open Space
«We impart IAM know-how in our daylight-flooded training room.» Academy
«The cosy ambience of our meeting zone also encourages you to talk to your colleagues.» meeting zone