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Values of the IPG Group

Our relationships are based on trust and personal appreciation.

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Values of the IPG group To earn our good reputation time and again, we have defined a set of values, goals and behaviours that apply to all IPG employees.

IPG is a relatively young company, and many things are a little different. We are open, uncomplicated, swift, and direct. This is part of our culture, of which we are proud. Part of this is also, that we address each other informally internally. This frankness has nothing to do with "anything goes": We are highly professional and interact in a respectful and appreciative manor.

IPG wants to keep growing and further develope itself in the future. The most important condition for this is our good reputation at everyone who has to do with IPG. Clients, employees, business partners, media, and the public trust IPG, because we are of integrity, act professionally and interact with all participants in a fair and responsible manor.

Furthermore, every IPG employee is obliged to perform the services on the basis of the IPG quality management system. In particular, the processes for continuous improvement, which are recorded there, are to be followed.

So that we earn our good reputation time and again, we have defined a list of values, goals and behaviors, that are valid for you and all employees at IPG. These rules make clear, what IPG expects from you, and what you can count on at IPG.

What we provide: You work for the client

The most important measure of success, is the clients satisfaction. Your work is successful, wenn it brings measurable improvements to the client. Whatever your task may be: Your contribution enables us to provide first-rate services and stand out from our competitors.

First and foremost, you are obliged to our client. If there is a conflict of interest, you disclose it and look for a consensual solution with your supervisor.

You orient your work towards the goal of providing our client with the best possible service. All other activities are subordinate to this.
How we work together: You're a good teamplayer

How we work together: You're a good teamplayer

Engagement und Ability
You are of integrity, committed, interested in our work, and are open to asking questions. Your ability and commitment are the basis of our success.

You support your colleagues and treat them with respect, faily and discretely. If you notice signs of discrimination, mobbing or harassment, you courageously intervene.

At IPG the doors are open for you to introduce your matters directly, and in an uncomplicated way. You communicate openly and can give and accept clear feedback.

Enterpreneurial Thinking
You think and act in line with the business. This means that you recognize and utilize business opportunities, but avoid risks that could damage the company or client at the same time. You act cost consciously and treat company property with caution.

Both internally and externally, you communicate moderately, correctly, and quickly. Your communication is transparent and adapted to the situation. You use electronic media sensibly and in the interest of the company. The personal conversation proceeds communication in writing. Nevertheless you secure the provability and comprehensibility of the information.

At IPG you are confronted with interesting challenges with perspective. Your performance is decisive for your progress. If you are committed and perform outstandingly, you get the chance to take more responsibility.

Individuelle Promotion
Learning on the job is rooted at IPG. IPG promotes your professional and personal development and supports your extra-occupational education.

Exemplary Management
If you bear managerial responsibility, you act in an exemplary manner when doing your work, towards employees, clients, and third parties. You create continuity in change, and ensure that the unmistakable character of IPG and its company culture live on.

Team Spirit
You constantly learn from your colleagues and share your knowledge with them by developing solutions as part of a team. You contribute to a good work environment and profit from joint experiences, that promote the informal exchange of ideas and cooperation.

What we follow: You are a Trustworthy Business Partner

Law Abiding
IPG counts on you that you follow all laws, legal provisions, regulations, as well as the relevant standards usual in the industry. As service provider of information technology you are especially obligated, to treat all client- and partner information with the utmost confidentiality.

You place the the welfare of the business and client above your own interests. You do not misuse your insider knowledge, you do not accept any gifts that impair your independence, and you do not gain any unlawful advantages for yourself.

IPG informes clients, business partners, and the public truthfully and comprehensively. The cooperation with the media is important for IPG. You always pass along requests to your supervisor, so that all information coming form the company is coherent and professional.

You handle the information our clients entrust us with, with the ustmost care. Confidential data is only made accessible to people, who need it for the professional customer service.

You contribute to the fair competition with our competitors, the reliability, and long term cooperation with our business partners.

What we do for the environment: You help to use resources efficiently, economically and sustainably

Sustainable procurement and recycling
When procuring internal aids, care is taken to ensure that they are purchased in the most environmentally friendly way possible. In addition, regional producers and suppliers are taken into account where possible. We try to avoid waste or, where possible, reduce it and make resources usable again through recycling.

Supporting environmentally friendly resources and technologies
Together with our customers we try to find the most efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. Wherever possible, we try to keep travel to a minimum by electronic means. Where we are unable to do this, we try to keep the load as low as possible with public transport and efficient vehicles. We support climate protection projects as compensation for our CO2 emissions.


Do you contribute to the good reputation of IPG?

IPG trusts that you follow the rules of conduct in this code. If you can answer the folowing five questions with yes every day, you deserve this trust:

  • Do I align my work, so that it benefits our client?
  • Do I do my part, inside, as well as outside of IPG, so that we deserve our good reputation?
  • Am I at work with interest and engagement?
  • Do I treat my colleagues appreciatively?
  • Does my effort contribute to IPGs success?

Welcome to the team: We are glad that you help us in further developing IPG!