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IAM Advisory Services

There is no «one-size-fits-all». We bring transparency to your needs and develope an IAx-roadmap together with you.

  • Best practices for IAM process design
  • Anchoring of effective IAM organizations
  • Assessing the need for action and the IAx-roadmap
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Trusted IAM Advisor Effectively anchor IAM in your organization

The IAM Advisory Services offered by the IPG-Group are based on proven methods and experience from more than 15 years of consulting, implementation and operating activity. Our advisory services have been in line with a long term and sustainable IAM-strategy since 2001 and our structured approach makes it possible, to address your needs precisely.

Advisory Methode Strategy - Organisation - Processes - Technique

The IPG advisory services are comprehensively aligned and aid in bringing your IAM-activities in line with your business strategy. In the frame of strategic advisory consulting we help you to design existing as well as future activities in a way that topics like compliance, digital-enabling, client-orientation but also cost savings, productivity or risk minimizing are comprehensively solved. Apart from the strategic alignment we support you in designing and establishing IAM-processes and the installation or advancement of the IAM-organization. In doing so we take advantage of extensive industry knowledge as well as expertise collected during the implementation.

«For PostFinance AG and its customers, an identity and access management system based on the need-to-know principle is a key factor. Keywords such as automation, traceability and ease of use are important aspects. The IPG has supported us as a partner in this project with a lot of professional and methodical competence.» Damian Eggel, Information Security Officer, PostFinance AG
«With the new IDM-processes and the anchoring in the line of hierarchy, we have reached an important milestone on the way to a uniform understanding of IDM and the corresponding processes across the group.» Jürgen Hörner, Head of Customer Information Protection and Operation Security, W&W AG, Stuttgart
«Im Bereich e-Government zählt die Stadt Winterthur zu den führenden Gemeinden in der Schweiz. Mit der IAM-Vorstudie 2016 haben wir eine solide Grundlage dafür geschaffen, ein Konzept für ein professionelles, föderatives Identity & Access Management zu erstellen. Mit der IPG hatten wir IAM-Experten am Tisch, die uns nicht nur alle Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten anschaulich aufgezeigt haben, sondern auch auf mögliche Hürden aufmerksam machten. So sind wir für die weiteren Entwicklungsschritte bestens gerüstet.» Markus Freuler, CIO / Leiter Informatikdienste (IDW) der Stadt Winterthur

IAM Strategy

We support you in assessing the individual IAx-strategy and implementation roadmap. During the development of the overall IAM-strategy, we focus on all relevant sub-areas (IAx). Customer Identity Management or Enterprise Identity & Access Management for example. On the basis of a detailed assessment of the initial status and the individual business objectives we establish the development plan and the implementation roadmap for each IAM-discipline. For the effective anchorage the organisational, procedural, and technical measures are determined and the enabling of the employees is assured.

IAM Organization and Processes

Organizational Consulting

IPG supports you in designing the organization-structure and accompanies the establishment and continuous application of the newly defined IAM-organization. A quality test, according to the defined controls of the introduced IAM-organization and processes is conducted.

Process Design

Our advisors aid you in determining the IAM-target-processes and in the development of End-to-End modelled processes. We accompany the introduction and anchoring of new processes and review their effectiveness according to the defined KPI's.


IAM-Geschäftsrollen (RBAC)

Our advisory services encompass a variety of proven methods and tools for the introduction of business roles. Our Advisory supports you in the development of a company wide business role concept. We show you, how role projects are planed and executed effectively and how departments can be included in the modelling. Furthermore, we show you which organizational and procedural measures need to be implemented to achieve an effective role organization.

More on the topic of business roles

IAM Technologies and -Architectures

Our IAM Advisors support you in investigating functional and technical requirements, and aid in evaluating possible solutions. Topics like feasability and operability are crucial to our consultation, but always with the demand for automating compliance where sensible.

We get involved earlier

Optimal solutions originate where IAM-processes and organization are aligned with actual regulatory requirements and market needs, and where these are the crux of the matter for the technical implementation of an IAM-solution.

We think ahead further

Identity Management is the enabler and a requirement for the seamless integration of your clients and the digitalization of your services. We design your individual IAM solution in a forward-looking manor and according to the requirements of your business processes.

David Lüthi - Business Development Manager Switzerland
David Lüthi
Business Development Manager Switzerland

+41 79 461 07 22

Platzhalter-Person - Placeholder Expert
Placeholder Expert

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Otto Mustermeier
IAM Advanced DE

Hanna Mustermüller
IAM Advisory DE

Mike Elfner - Head of Business Consulting Germany
Mike Elfner
Head of Business Consulting Germany

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Martin Muster

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Arne Vodegel - Service Manager Germany
Arne Vodegel
Service Manager Germany

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Jan Johannsen - Sales Manager Germany
Jan Johannsen
Sales Manager Germany

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Achim Stolz - Senior Business Consultant
Achim Stolz
Senior Business Consultant

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Frank Pevestorf - Senior IAM Consultant
Frank Pevestorf
Senior IAM Consultant

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Joachim Bacoyannis - Business Development Manager
Joachim Bacoyannis
Business Development Manager

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Marcel Weber - Sales Manager Österreich
Marcel Weber
Sales Manager Österreich

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Markus Blaha - Business Development Manager Austria
Markus Blaha
Business Development Manager Austria

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Christian Rückert - Sales Manager Germany
Christian Rückert
Sales Manager Germany

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Joachim Bacoyannis - Business Development
Joachim Bacoyannis
Business Development

+41 79 836 10 95