Configuration Basics One Identity Manager (1IM) v8 (EN)

    5 day public training from November 29th 2021 to December 03th 2021 in Berlin
    Configuration Basics
    Connecting source system HR   
    Connecting target system Active Directory
    Configuration and administration of IT-Shop
    Monitoring and Troubleshooting
    Configuration Basics is taught based upon a preinstalled system.
    Data is received from an HR system and imported into 1IM v8 leveraging a native connector. The basics of Synchronization Editor are taught during this topic as well.
    Leveraging a native connector, the target system Active Directory will connected to 1IM. Account Definitions are configured for automated provisioning. Accounts will be consolidated against HR records.
    Using IT-Shop, managing access permissions is automated to hold up in an audit and changed to a user-centric self-service.  Options to customize the IT-Shop interface are shown as well as the configuration of approval workflows and automatic E-Mail notification.
    This section of the training will cover typical day-to-day operational aspects while running 1IM.