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IAM Integration Services

We support you in developing and integrating your solution and during the transition into operation.

  • Proven approach for the realization
  • Comprehensive product and solution expertise
  • Standardized project plans
  • Tested reference architectures
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Integration Architecture, Implementation and establishment of well-founded operating fundamentals

According to the requirements for your business-, IT-, and IAM-governance we conceptualize the IAM-architecture for the core systems and the relevant IT peripheral systems with teams on site. We configure the IAM-software and databases and adapt the interfaces to the target systems. Thereby ensuring a successful implementation. We attach particular value to the introduction and handover in the course of the readiness-phase. Integration tests as well as pilot- and test-operation support this approach. Finally, we lay the foundation for a successful IAM-operation with the individual operators handbook

Our Thematic Focuses

Project approach

The realization and introduction of our IAM-solution is carried out according to proven project approaches, that can be seamlessly embedded within the clients project approach. Apart from the classic approach models, we also offer agile project methods for IAM or hybrid approaches. Alternatively, we offer client specific IAM-solutions within the framework of an IAM-readiness phase as part of our IAM as a Service services.

For the various IAM-disciplines, and especially products, we have dedicated project-best practices at hand and thanks to the experience of our project managers  and employees we contribute substantially to the success of your project.

All our employees in implementation are IPMA certified.

Standardization and Best Practices

Standardized Project Schedules

Product- and topic themed standard project schedules compose the base of a standardized implementation approach. Our lessons learned from the projects continuously flow into refining the project schedules and approximate values for the cost estimate.

Standardized Project Schedules

Implementation Guidelines

Best quality and a uniform approach during the implementation of the IAM-solution are ensured thanks to our implementation guidelines, and extensive knowledge database.

Best Practice Frameworks

Our best practice frameworks for IAM-processes, use cases, or test cases form a solid base for a complete description and documentation of the functional and technical requirements for the IAM-system and a continual, verified transition into operation.

«IPG war genau der richtige Partner für dieses Projekt. Das Team hat hart gearbeitet, um die für uns beste PAM-Lösung zu finden. Sehr geschätzt haben wir auch die klare Kommunikation sowie die hohe Flexibilität und Erreichbarkeit. Lief es einmal nicht nach Plan, reagierten die Verantwortlichen sofort und fanden in kurzer Zeit eine Lösung. Gegenüber Drittanbietern hat IPG unsere Position stets mit Nachdruck vertreten und uns tatkräftig unterstützt. Wir sind sehr zufrieden und werden auch in Zukunft mit IPG zusammenarbeiten.» David Almeida, Project Manager IT, GILAI
«For us as a small team, a lean process was very important. In addition, the system must be easy to handle. We benefited from IPG's in-depth experience and appreciated the professional, uncomplicated exchange. Our contact persons were always available for us - on site or remotely. It also worked perfectly in terms of time that our IAM manager completed a training course during the project and that he was able to apply his new knowledge right away.» Pascal Holzmann, Head of Computer Science, Spital Schwyz
«The coordination of the various parties and systems was demanding, the schedule of around twelve months including the testing phase ambitious. We benefited greatly from IPG AG's in-depth experience and highly appreciated the flexibility shown in the project by the 4-person team. They were always available and have actively supported us to accomplish a great acceptance for the innovations internally.» Daniel Bühler, Project Manager, UNIA
«As with any migration, the work the next higher version is significant. We are currently undergoing a transformation process that requires great flexibility from everyone involved. The 3-person team of IPG AG showed great commitment during the six months and convinced with their excellent expertise. The cooperation with our own team was very constructive and efficient, so that after the successful tests the rollout could be carried out quickly and smoothly. We are ready for the future.» Malte Krüß, Project Manager, Otto Group IT
«IPG informed us early and comprehensively about the upcoming upgrade and the fundamental architectural changes of the version 7. The very high migration costs, which were mostly done in remote work, required a trusting cooperation. We experienced the IPG AG as a professional and pleasant partner. Thanks to the great commitment of the project staff, the migration was virtually frictionless and on time.» Gabriel Reutebuch, Head of IT Projects, Hospitals fmi AG
«By implementing the IAM-system, we have taken a major step forward. With a click we can create a detailed overview for an employee, displaying all privileges. The adjusted structure is in accordance with our standards and the lean trigger process runs smoothly.» Peter Allenspach, Head of Business Solutions Supportprocesses, Sanitas
«For us as a hospital, it is important to provide employees with the best possible support in their work for the patient and to fulfill all data security requirements. The IPG AG team supported us professionally. This is also evidenced by the enthusiasm with which employees reacted to the new introduction. The presence of the on-site IPG team, which not only quickly installed the devices, but also answered all questions on an ongoing basis, was greatly appreciated.» Daniel Vontobel, Project Manager, Cantonal Hospital of Winterthur
«To adjust the existing IAM-solution to the increased compliance-requirements, the Austrian Post AG searched for a partner, who could migrate the existing, customized IDM-system to a new product version that supports the necessary compliance functonality, and who implemented the first new concepts. In IPG AG we found a consulting- and integration specialist, who knows how to capture our challenges and how to realign the IDM-processes in the migration.» Edmund Spary, Head of IT-Service-Management, Austrian Post AG
«We were informed early by IPG AG that the upgrade from version 6 to 7 would be necessary and the effort considerable due to the fundamental architecture changes. In order to create our webshop, the upgrade was needed. IPG AG is already well acquainted with our operation from the very beginning, so that after a successful testing, the rollout was swift and smooth, not least thanks to the great commitment of the IPG project staff. Our administrators can easily cope.» Angela Wild, IAM Specialist, Cantonal Hospital of Winterthur

Our Solution Partners

Cooperation with Alovia Excellence in Microsoft Identity Management Projects

ALOVIA and IPG complement and support each other in the planning and implementation as well as the operation of Identity Management solutions on the basis of the Microsoft Identity Manager. Alovia focusses on the analysis, the consulting, and the implementation while IPG supports the implementation and provides a comprehensive software support.

David Lüthi - Business Development Manager Switzerland
David Lüthi
Business Development Manager Switzerland

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Platzhalter-Person - Placeholder Expert
Placeholder Expert

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IAM Advanced DE

Hanna Mustermüller
IAM Advisory DE

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Mike Elfner
Head of Business Consulting Germany

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Arne Vodegel
Service Manager Germany

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Jan Johannsen
Sales Manager Germany

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Achim Stolz - Senior Business Consultant
Achim Stolz
Senior Business Consultant

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Frank Pevestorf - Senior IAM Consultant
Frank Pevestorf
Senior IAM Consultant

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Joachim Bacoyannis - Business Development Manager
Joachim Bacoyannis
Business Development Manager

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Marcel Weber
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Markus Blaha
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Christian Rückert
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Joachim Bacoyannis - Business Development
Joachim Bacoyannis
Business Development

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