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FAQs The Career to Becoming an Expert in Identity & Access Management

How Can I Apply?

We are continuously looking for new colleagues. If you have specific questions, why not call us? Florian Giger, head of corporate services, will be happy to provide information +41 (0) 52 245 04 74.

Are you interested in an advertised position? Then send us your complete dossier [letter of motivation, CV, certificates] as a PDF to

How can I professionaly develope myself at IPG?

In the beginning you attend an entry program. Then we offer the possibility for you to visit both internal, as well as external, professional trainings on a regular basis. Our personnel development program offers you the opportunity, of systematically planing your career.

Are educational programs supported?

We support work-related training in various forms. The concrete approach is defined in a personal discussion.

Can I work internationally?

At the moment we are active in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Depending on your project you will be working abroad, and have the possibility of gathering intercultural experiences.