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IAM Consultant

As an expert in IAM you consult our clients comprehensively on the topic of Identity & Access Management. You support them in praticular, in the developing of IAM strategies, in the structuring of IAM processes, and in the design of the organizational structure. To achieve a comprehensive IAM approach, the consulting is done with foresight and the goal, of designing the following operational services provision efficiently and effectively.

IAM Solution Architect

As an expert in IAM solution design, you are the most important contact person for our client in the design of the technical solution. With a view to the the overall business IAM- and IT-aspects you define system- and solution-architecture, and support in creating the technical detailed concepts. Thereby creating the prerequisites for the implementation of IAM software products, the introduction of which you actively support.

IAM Project Manager

As the IAM project manager you understand the operational and business correlations of our clients. Additionally you have a clear understanding of the requests of the IT field. You are responsible for the management of our client projects and the planning and coordination of project ressources. As a good communicator you ensure the flow of information to all stakeholder groups. In your role as project manager you assume commercial responsibility and prove your IAM expertise in technical requests as a consultant.

Technical Consultant

As an IAM engineer you have a good product- and solution-knowledge, which is crucial for the successful implementation of projects. You understand the client requirements and depict them in the IAM solution. Thereby using your methodical working method, and attaching importance to the utmost quality. Your comprehensive product expertise is substantiated by obtaining the best possible certifications for our technology partners' products.

IAM Operator

As an IAM operator you ensure the operation of our clients' IAM solutions. Your work includes the operation and monitoring of IAM applications and the delivery of managed services. You make the case for high quality support services and distinguish yourself through the independent processing of customer concerns. You solve problems proactively. Your knowledge is essential for the optimization of existing environments, and your commitment ist the foundation for the timely and professional correction of problems or escalations.