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IAM Operation Services

Partial- or full operation of new or existing IAM-applications

  • Cost transparency
  • Defined services
  • Standardized operation processes
  • 7x24-Stunden
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IAM Operation Services according to your specifications Operation, around the clock, all year long.

With IAM Operation Services IPG provides need-based support for the stable operation of your IAM-infrastructure.

Matching the operation-organization and sourcing strategy of your business, IPG supports you after the one time operation transition, or takes over your IAM-applications for a partial or full operation in the course of a realignment.

«It is important to us, that we are able to access current IAM-knowledge, without having build our own department - and with complete cost transparency.» Simone Bonanni, Head of Engineering & Operations, AMAG
«The professional, external operation support allows us to flexibly lead the operation with full cost transparency and thus to keep the IAM-system up to date.» Yves Oggier, Head of IT Operations Supportprocesses, Sanitas

Forms of Operation

Full Service

IPG takes over the operation of your IAM-systems and applications in your business. The operation is conducted within the scope of defined service level agreements. An IPG service manager, with support from the IPG Operation Center, takes care of the smooth operation and further development of your IAM-environment.

Partial Operation

The IAM Operation Center of the IPG Group supports your business internal operation within the scope of service level agreements. On this base IPG processes the customer support requests (CSR) it receives from you.

Fixed Timeframes

IPGs operation-experts are availible to you during a predefined time period. During this time, they are on site at your business and process operational tasks. In between these time periods the IAM Operation Center, as single point of contact, coordinates additional deployments in the scope of the service level agreements.

Service Level Agreements

There are three different service level agreements availible to your business, to ensure a smooth operation of your IAM-systems and -applications: Basic, Advanced and Premium.

You benefit from sustained operation capacity and comprehensive care by the service manager. The profitability of the service is ensured through cost transparency and periodic reporting.


In Full-Service, IPG performs the various services indepentendly. In partial operation it supports the client situationally.

Application Operation

Operation, updating and monitoring of your IAM-application as well as customizing the configuration according to information received from the client and in the scope of the change management.

Software Support

Coordination and performing of routine tasks and provision of information regarding updates, patches, installation of updates (Service Packs, Patches).

Life Cycle Management

Creation and maintenane of a roadmap for the used services and user components, release planning and active client information regarding new releases and functions.


Identification and prioritizing of faults, cause analysis, monitoring, retracing and communicating the fault, fault correction, documentation of the approach, activities, and results of the fault correction and customization of the operators manual.

Service Level Management & Reporting

Management and monitoring of the services and quality agreed on in the SLA. Periodic review to adjust the SLAs, matching the internal processes and activities to performe the services agreed on in the contract across all organizational units.

Change Management

Receipt and collection of requests for changes (RFC), analysis and specification of the expansion- and change-requirements, planing the implementation of the RFC, providing the needed employees and tools for supporting the change process.


IAM Operation Center

The core of IAM operation services is the IAM-operation center with the service desk as point of contact for customer requests. The operation center ensures, that during the predefined hours, calls to the client helpdesk are accepted, and if not, that an immediate callback is made. The operation center also coordinates the ticket initiation for customer-support-requests. The operation teams process the customer-support-requests for the assigned operation clients. 

Service Manager

Every operation client is assigned an IPG service manager. He attends to the compliance of the agreed SLA and ensures the smooth communication between the client and IPG. The service manager plans and organizes the operation service, in particular the targeted processing of incidents, problems and changes and proactively analyzes the clients system landscape.

Onsite Support

On request, onsite-operators are availible to the client for ongoing operational tasks. They complement the remotly working IAM operation center with key tasks and support the service manager in technical matters.

Penelope Baio - Sales Manager Switzerland
Penelope Baio
Sales Manager Switzerland

+41 78 208 81 41

Platzhalter-Person - Placeholder Expert
Placeholder Expert

081 750 67 83

Otto Mustermeier
IAM Advanced DE

Hanna Mustermüller
IAM Advisory DE

Mike Elfner - Head of Business Consulting Germany
Mike Elfner
Head of Business Consulting Germany

+41 79 203 26 77

Martin Muster

+41 123 45 67

Arne Vodegel - Service Manager Germany
Arne Vodegel
Service Manager Germany

+49 170 908 04 32

Jan Johannsen - Sales Manager Germany
Jan Johannsen
Sales Manager Germany

+49 170 90 80 876

Achim Stolz - Senior Business Consultant
Achim Stolz
Senior Business Consultant

+41 79 954 90 03

Frank Pevestorf - Senior IAM Consultant
Frank Pevestorf
Senior IAM Consultant

+49 175 724 58 98

Joachim Bacoyannis - Business Development Manager
Joachim Bacoyannis
Business Development Manager

+41 79 836 10 95

Marcel Weber - Sales Manager Österreich
Marcel Weber
Sales Manager Österreich

+41 79 907 84 47

Markus Blaha - Sales Manager Austria
Markus Blaha
Sales Manager Austria

+43 676 734 23 00

Christian Rückert - Sales Manager Germany
Christian Rückert
Sales Manager Germany

+49 170 908 0353

Joachim Bacoyannis - Business Development
Joachim Bacoyannis
Business Development

+41 79 836 10 95