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IAx & Blockchain

  • Time and cost savings on the company side
  • Fulfils highest security and creates compliance
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Blockchain Decentralised Identity Services

Blockchain technology also increases trust and efficiency within an organisation or network in the areas of identity and access.


  • Managing the ever-growing number of Customer & Partner Identities
  • High hurdles when onboarding partners or registering customers
  • Relative to expensive infrastructure costs (e.g. for PKI)
  • Managing Identities of Things (IoT)
  • Modern and secure methods of identification (registration/logon)

Your Changes

Blockchain technology also increases trust and efficiency within an organisation or network in the areas of identity and access.

We consider the following areas of application to be useful:


Identity Provider (IDP)

Identity Providers within companies can increase trust in each other and reduce security against data theft through a decentralised structure. The IDP thus increases its Level of Assurance (LoA). Even the highest requirements can be met by taking biometric data into account.


Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Central Authorities (CAs)

Blockchain has much greater transformative power in the area of Public Key Infrastructures and central authorities (here in relation to identities and certificates) by replacing them with decentralised trust mechanisms and decentralised (infra-)structure.



The Federation area is predestined for Blockchain, since "Trust" is at the heart of the Federation. Today, various IDPs are integrated for this purpose. With the Blockchain technology, one or more common but decentralised IDPs can be created. The entire network thus benefits from greater security and transparency.


IDM: (Re-)Certification / Authorisation Audit / Audit Trail

Changes to permissions can be recorded on the blockchain and become transparent. The assignment of persons and authorisations would remain closed for most participants in the network, but could be selectively released, for example for auditors. This applies to all attributes of a transaction.


Integration of blockchain solutions into the IAx landscape

It can be very interesting and efficient for companies to integrate existing blockchain solutions into their IAx landscape or to introduce them together with an IAM solution in order to outsource processes such as "Know-your-Customer (KYC)" and thereby to reduce costs.


  • Higher data security and higher Level of Assurance (LoA) with decentralised IDP
  • Decentralised trust mechanisms for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Authorities (CA)
  • Increased trust through transparency in the federal IAM network
  • Cost reduction by outsourcing IAM processes using Blockchain technology

Our Services

IPG accompanies its customers not only with regard to established IAM solutions, but also to new technologies in and around identity. Access. Governance. With our many years of experience and precise knowledge of regulatory requirements, IPG supports its customers in the analysis of existing solutions and the development of new ones. IPG sees itself as a bridge-builder between business and IT due to its professional, process-related, but also technical experience.

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