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  • Popular in healthcare, banking & finance, and eGov
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EmpowerID The all-in-one solution

EmpowerID specializes itself exclusively in Identity & Access management. The suite offers comprehensive and unique workflow based provisioning, multi level authentication, complete Self Service functionalities, Single Sign On, and Access Governance coupled with industry leading usability. The platform is built on a single codebasis, which means that the individual modules of the solution are well integrated and work together. Thereby simplifying management and guaranteeing scalability. EmpowerID is equipped with a powerful API, a visual workflow designer, and more than 740 workflows out of the box.

Partner Status and Competences

Partner Status

IPG is an EmpowerID gold partner and one of the EmpowerID key partners in the DACH market.

Product Competences

The certified IPG IAM Consultants cover the complete product scope with their know how. As an integrator, IPG on the one hand leads its own projects on the basis of EmpowerID, but on the other supports the manufacturer as an expert with existing clients or in the implementation of EmpowerIDs own projects.

Solution Scope

EmpowerID covers all areas of an identity in a single platform. All functionalities are listed below:

  • Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • User provisioning and - deprovisioning
  • Group management
  • Recertification and certification
  • Audit & reporting
  • Multi factor authentication hybrid RBAC/ABSAC
  • Role mining
  • Password management
  • Management of privileged accounts
  • Sharepoint access management
  • IAM for Office 365