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Nexis contROLE

  • Company wide analysis of identity data
  • Simple, versatile functions for role modelling
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Nexis "Nexis Controle" is the technology-leading software for cross-system analysis, risk assessment and visual (re) modeling of authorization structures.

Nexis GmbH is an expert company specializing in identity and access management (IAM) and provider of the "Nexis Controle" software.

"Nexis Controle" is a comprehensive solution for increasing IT security and compliance as well as increasing automation in the assignment of roles and rights and the associated reduction in administrative work.

Partner Status and Competences

Partner Status

IPG is one of the few selected Nexis partners and has been working with the product for serveral years.


IPG has complete product knowledge at its disposal. For data analysis and building business roles, IPG uses the Nexis solution exclusively. The IPG Academy offers product and user trainings, as well as depened administrator trainings for Nexis Controle.