Release change of a deployed IAM tool

For a major bank from northern Germany


Major bank in the north of Germany.


Migration and relocation of the entire existing IAM solution.

TIMETOACT received the order to carry out a major release change for the IAM tool used and to develop the processes back to the standard of the product as far as possible. At the same time, a change of service provider became necessary, which meant that all components of the IAM had to be moved to a new data center.


In the course of the major release changeover, all processes were adapted so that they could be simplified in line with the standard of the new release. All documents and scripts had to be checked, adapted and tested so that no interruptions occurred during the changeover.

The complete IAM environment with its 3-stages (development, quality assurance and production) were moved to the new data center. In the process, TIMETOACT set up a parallel environment to the existing IAM environment in order to guarantee further developments. This was then completely migrated on the relocation date.


The project has ensured that the IAM solution is up to date and that support continues to be provided by the manufacturer. All processes and scripts developed over the years were revised and optimized, reducing technical turnaround times, which also has a positive impact on users.

The relocation of the solution met the customer's requirement for a change of provider.

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