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Clear Skye

Clear Skye IGA is based on ServiceNow's Now platform and eliminates the need for an additional IGA solution.

An IAM software company to facilitate the administration of a complicated problem.

Clear Skye IGA is based on the ServiceNow platform that processes 4 billion transactions per month.

Our IGA solution provides identity lifecycle management and governance solutions for a broad range of industries.

The Clear Skye IGA software transforms the digital environments of security teams by aligning the identity management with crucial functions such as ITSM, CMBD, GRC and security processes at a central location.

Clear Skye originates from the Now Platform and makes an independent IGA solution and fragile integration redundant in order to use the existing platform. All ServiceNow data, workflow information and interfaces are available in the Clear Skye IGA tool.

Partner status

IPG is Premier Skye Partner



IPG employs highly-qualified and certified consultants for the Clear Skye IGA solution

The following Clear Skye functions are part of the IPG solution competence:

  • Identity Lifecycle Management
  • Access Request
  • Access Review
  • Workflow Management


The Clear Skye IGA training course enables participants to successfully implement the IGA core functionality and serves as basic training for the implementation of the Clear Skye solution.

The training summarises the basic functions of the ServiceNow platform which the Clear Sky IGA solution is based on. It comprises:

  • Learning to navigate on the Now platform
  • List views and form views
  • Security model
  • Workflows
  • Script design
  • Reporting