One Identity Manager

Switch to the Angular web frontend

The One Identity Manager is one of the most powerful solutions for identity and access management. With the future version 10.0, the manufacturer is converting the portal to Angular technology. Switching to Angular offers a multitude of advantages, such as more intuitive navigation, improved user guidance and a streamlined design. This makes working with the One Identity Manager even more efficient and pleasant. The user companies have approximately 3 years to make the switch, as both portal solutions are supported in the current transition phase. As of version OIM 10.0, the web designer will no longer be available. By that time, the customizations made on the frontend must have migrated.

The best time to migrate is now!

From version 9.LTS or 9.2, both versions of the frontend are available. These can also be operated simultaneously, which means that the migration to Angular can take place gradually.

Now it's time for implementation! We'll show you HOW!

What does this mean for your company? Which migration scenarios are there? And what does that mean in terms of time and money?

With specially developed analysis tools, we determine the expected effort in a workshop, check the various migration options and present them to your management. This enables you to make the right decisions and take Identity Manager to the next evolutionary level.

Topics of the analysis workshop:

  • Analysis of the existing installation

    • Which versions are available?
    • To what extent were specific adjustments made?
    • Which custom features can be replaced by standards?
  • Optimization recommendations of the IPG

  • Effort analysis for a possible migration path

  • Recommendation of the optimal migration path

    • 1:1 migration
    • adjustments
  • Processing and presentation of the results

Advantages of the analysis workshop:

Individual adjustments

The analysis workshop includes a comprehensive overview of the current use of the portal. The individual adjustments to the processes and the GUI are examined and compared with the current requirements. In this way, you can determine which individual adjustments are to be taken into account in a migration.


The move to the Angular frontend comes with both risks and opportunities. The analysis workshop helps to identify potential risks and to develop appropriate risk minimization measures. At the same time, opportunities can be identified to unlock the full potential of the Angular frontend and gain additional benefits.

Stakeholder engagement

The analysis Workshop provides an opportunity to engage key stakeholders including IT professionals, business users and decision makers. This will increase acceptance and support for moving to the Angular frontend. In addition, different perspectives and experiences can be used to make well-founded decisions.

Roadmap definition

Based on the analysis results, a roadmap for switching to the Angular front end will be created during the workshop. The clear roadmap defines milestones, schedules and the resources required for the successful implementation of the project.

The analysis workshop offers a valuable platform for optimal planning and implementing the switch from One Identity Manager to the Angular frontend.

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