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    Administration of internet of things devices in Identity and Access Management environments


    In recent years, we have seen a strong trend towards the use of smart devices which interact more and more with people. Therefore, it is necessary to subject these smart devices to the same mechanisms as human identities. At the same time, the complexity of these devices is increasing so that a system to administrate these technical identities and their authorisations becomes necessary. Such a system can be implemented by Identity and Access Management solutions.

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    Why can’t technical and human identities be treated equally?

    The integration of technical identities presents a challenge for current Identity and Access Management solutions. Until now, the relationships between different human identities have mostly been mapped hierarchically. With technical identities that are used by several human identities, this is only possible to a limited extent. Besides relationships, the life cycle of identities must be reconsidered as well. While this was initially relatively manageable through entry, transfer and exit, life cycles have already been expanded in recent years to include first contact, hiring date, transition date, and only end with the death of the identity. The obvious challenges are the increase of LifeCycle states, relationships in general, complex relationships between entities and more frequent transfers.

    Both technical and human identities require authentication and have different roles that assign only necessarily required rights. Numerous applications and the authentication processes associated therewith pose not only a security risk but also an unnecessary slowdown in work.

    The challenge here is the fact that complex IoT units feature almost human characteristics and must therefore also be treated accordingly with regard to risk factors. One solution is the complete integration of IoT in IAM environments.



    How can companies optimally integrate IoT in their IAM?
    What can we expect for the upcoming years?

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