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Bring IT service management and IAM systems together

How do companies bring their complex IT service management and IAM systems together in an end user-friendly way?

In our interview, Clear Skye and the IPG Group show, how it works very easily

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John Milbourn, CEO of Clear Skye, and Marco Rohrer, CEO of the premier Skye partner IPG Group, in the teams interview

Clear Skye's IDaas solution was already recommended as an innovative product based on ServiceNow in the KuppingerCole Report of September 2021. This is particularly interesting for the steadily growing number of companies that are already using ServiceNow. What advantages and benefits do companies from various industries have with the IGA solution from Clear Skye, and how can they combine complex IT service management systems and IAM systems in an end user-friendly manner? In this interview, John Milbourn, CEO of Clear Skye, one of the emerging providers of modern IAM solution systems, and Marco Rohrer, CEO of the premier Skye partner IPG Group, reveal how it works.

Q: In the KuppingerCole Report, Clear Skye's IDaas solution is highlighted as an innovative solution for ServiceNow users. What makes the solution so unique for companies?

John: The more established an IT service management system is, the more difficult it is, to implement a stand-alone IGA in a company. The challenge here is to ensure that the systems work together and are user-friendly at the same time. Because with two separate systems for ITSM and IAM, the end users have to "hop" on a separate platform by linking between the different services (authorisations / HR / IT / EDP etc.), or a complex integration of both solutions must be carried out. The Clear Skye IGA solution is itself a ServiceNow module. This gives the clear advantage that all types of IT services can be accessed from one "place" through seamless integration. User experience is greatly improved through familiarity with the user interface. The entire service catalogue thus has "One Face". However, this is not only beneficial for the end user, but also relevant for administration and operations.

Q: Many entrepreneurs already face challenges with the implementation of an IGA project. What are the characteristics of the Clear Skye IGA solution?

John: With our IDaaS solution based on ServiceNow, deployment also becomes easier, as only the IGA functions need to be installed and configured, while the basic functions of ServiceNow already cover functions such as data storage and workflows. So, if ServiceNow is already in use, adding Clear Skye is easy with little effort and time. There is no need to set up a stand-alone system, but you can buy directly from the ServiceNow Store.

Q: Can you explain this in detail?

John: Deployment to the ServiceNow platform is straightforward and requires no introduction of underlying technology such as databases or other components, as with traditional IGA projects. Clear Skye IGA software transforms digital environments by aligning identity management with functions such as ITSM, CMBD, GRC and security operations in one central location. The integration into GRC/IRM is therefore as simple as can be.

Marco: Of course, individual user requirements can still be considered here. During implementation, we work in close cooperation with Clear Skye and therefore we have full direct manufacturer support. This close and informal cooperation enables a lean process and a satisfied result for the customer.

Q: Looks like a simple workflow. Nevertheless, companies want to have a professional on hand to advise them. What are the opportunities of the partnership between Clear Skye and IPG Group?

Marco: The IPG Group usually establishes the initial contact. Together with our manufacturer partner Clear Skye, we develop an individual offer according to the customer's requirements. With our advisory service, we support the customer from the very beginning and take on the entire project management as well as technical consulting as a full service.

Q: Once the solution has been implemented, the question of operational support arises. What options are there for customers here?

Marco: We generally recommend adapting the operation for Clear Skye to that for ServiceNow, which is already in use. Individual manufacturer support for the IGA solution is covered by Clear Skye itself, so this is the same as for other solutions in the IAM environment. All other services such as 2nd level support or consulting for further development are offered by IPG. We work hand in hand with our partner Clear Skye and offer our customer the operating solution that suits them best, for example the service contract with SLAs or on-call support.

About IPG:

IPG Group has been a pioneer and expert in the field of identity and governance management for 20 years. Well-known customers from all industries as well as public administration organizations in Switzerland, Germany and Austria rely on the service and expertise of IPG for comprehensive protection of user data and access rights. For this purpose, IPG is the preferred partner of major software manufacturers. In 2020 the company generated sales of CHF 16 million and has successfully implemented over 1000 projects since 2001.The IPG Group has been part of the TIMETOACT Group since the beginning of 2021 and employs 130 people in the DACH region. www.ipg-group.com

About Clear Skye:

Clear Skye, an Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) software company, reimagines enterprise identity access and risk management software to make the complicated problem of identity governance easier to manage. Built on ServiceNow’s Now Platform, Clear Skye IGA removes the challenges of a traditional  IGA solution in favor of leveraging an existing platform. https://clearskye.com/

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