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Privileged User Management

Many cyber attacks are committed using privileged accounts and have a devastating impact. Learn how IPG can help you prevent these attacks.Download the free PAM practice guide now!

Privileged User Management

Protection from the deliberate or accidental misuse of privileged rights.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) comprises the cyber security strategies and technologies for the management and control of privileged access and rights for users, accounts, processes and systems in an IT environment. PAM helps companies to reduce their organisation’s points of attack and to prevent or at least minimise the damage resulting from external attacks as well as misconduct or negligence of insiders. 

Bild zum Thema Privileged Management

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Why use a PAM system?

In an IT environment, there is always a trade-off between security and usability. Each added protection increases the technological effort or reduces the ease of use. Paradoxically, however, higher requirements may also increase the risk:

Complex passwords, for example, are more secure than simple passwords. At the same time, they are more difficult for the user to memorise. As a consequence, some users write their passwords down.

Privileged systems (administrator accounts, critical infrastructure) often do not use individualised accounts which means that several people share the accounts and pass on rights to one another. Therefore, companies often do not know exactly who has access to their systems and cannot track who has made which changes. In the event of a security-related incident that needs to be investigated, this will inevitably cause problems.

There are technical solutions for both problem areas. Simple passwords, for example, can be linked to a two-factor authentication. For privileged systems, a PAM system should be used.

Password Safe

Privileged Password & Session Management

Uniform management of passwords and computer sessions for smooth reporting and control over privileged accounts.
  • Continuous automatic detection: Scan, identify and assess all systems and applications with the automatic incorporation of privileged accounts.
  • Management and rotation: Save, manage and rotate the passwords for privileged user accounts, delete embedded credentials and increase your password security. 
  • Monitoring and examination of computer sessions: Protocol and monitor all activities and sessions of privileged user accounts for compliance and forensic examinations.

Privileged Remote Access

Secure and monitor the Privileged Remote Access (PRA) of employees and service providers.
  • Elimination of a cyber attack: Allow service providers without VPN a privileged access to critical systems.
  • Comply with the Regulations for Privileged Access
  • Comply with all internal and external regulations through extensive audit trails and digital forensics.
  • Implement a solution for the privileged access that end-users will appreciate.
  • If you use a system that allows users to do their job faster and easier than before you do not need to worry whether they will accept the system.

Download the free practical guide & know all the important facts about PAM!

Download the practice guide now!

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